Bienvenido a Nueva York

The Colombian Navy ship ARC Gloria, a three-masted sailing barque commissioned in 1968, arrived at Pier 86 this morning. The ship is a training vessel and the official flagship of the Colombian Navy. Gloria is here in part to commemorate the 200-year anniversary of US-Colombian diplomatic relations. For more on her voyage, see this article in Spanish.

Gloria approaches Pier 86, assisted by two Moran tugs. Her crew are lining the yardarms. The Bayonne Bridge is visible in the far distance
Officers, crew and visitors mingle on deck as the ship opens to the public
Despite the old-fashioned rigging, the ship has a modern pilot house and bridge.
Dace Reinauer pushed a loaded barge towards Albany, passing Gloria’s bowsprit
Nicole Leigh Reinauer was coming the other way, returning with an empty from Newburgh
A 35’ NYPD launch was tied up near the Growler submarine on Pier 86. Have seen this before, and perhaps this is a standard posting when a foreign navy ship is in town.
A pair of Marine or Navy helicopters passed overhead

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  1. […] conditions prevailed and traffic was light on Monday. The ARC Gloria, which arrived Saturday at Pier 86, set sail for Mexico in the afternoon (no photo […]


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