Mellow Monday

Summer conditions prevailed and traffic was light on Monday. The ARC Gloria, which arrived Saturday at Pier 86, set sail for Mexico in the afternoon (no photo unfortunately).

North River anchorages were empty in the morning
The Haggerty Girls ATB came south empty from Albany and anchored in the Upper Bay
Daisy Mae brought a load of rock south through the afternoon haze to the Greenville anchorages off Jersey City
The Brian Courtney (previously known as the Patricia Winslow) brought empty looking hoppers down from Tompkins Cove NY. There is a quarry there but it has been closed for 10 years.
The Tigerlily Too, an 85-foot catamaran left Chelsea Piers Marina and was out and about on the river and in the harbor
Fisherman on Pier i caught a summer fluke. The State says you can safely eat up to 4 of these a month, unless you are under 15 or a woman under 50.
Cormorants were also fishing

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