Return of the Knot Refined

Wednesday was another pleasant day with moderate temperatures and light winds out of the southeast. Knot Refined, the large sugar barge which we saw on its maiden voyage six weeks ago, was back on the river heading for Yonkers, propelled by the Ruby Coast. Dann Marine’s Charles A., who we saw Saturday coming south with a hopper, headed up to Yonkers to assist in docking.

Knot Refined heading for Yonkers
Charles A heads up to assist

The day began with the two ATBs belonging to Centerline Logistics still anchored on the river for a fourth day, as well as Evelyn Cutler anchored north of the bridge. By the end of the day, Centerline’s Rhea Bouchard had weighed anchor and headed down to near Ken’s Marine Services in Bayonne on the Kill Van Kull, while Evelyn Cutler had made a trip down to the Upper Bay (perhaps for bunkering?) and then returned to her original anchorage spot. Centerline’s Barry Silverton stayed put off Riverbank State Park.

Barry Silverton at anchor in the morning haze with Evelyn Cutler also visible off Inwood (see red arrow)
Centerline’s Rhea Bouchard ends her residence and heads for Bayonne
Evelyn Cutler heading back to her Inwood anchorage

Evening Mist, a tug we have not seen before on the North River, came down from an old cement pier up in Catskill, New York with a hopper barge, made a stop at the old army pier in Bayonne and then headed for Cadell Dry Dock and Repair on Staten Island. According to , the Mist, like the Rhea Bouchard, also formerly served the now-defunct Bouchard Towing Company and was recently purchased by Haugland Group, which also owns a dock area in Tomkins Cove up in Haverstraw Bay and Inwood Materials on Jamaica Bay. Things got a bit tight as the Mist stopped with its load for a bit mid-river as the Ruby Coast and Evelyn Cutler were coming through in opposite directions (see photo at top of the post).

Evening Mist moves through the morning mist with gravel hoppers

A cruising yacht we have seen before, the Canadian flagged Nautoncall, passed by, apparently on the way to Croton-on-Hudson. The owners maintain a blog with a “where are we now map” though they have not posted any written updates since March.

Nautoncall enjoying the good life
The DEP’s North River was on its eponymous river heading towards its eponymous sewage plant

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  1. […] The pusher tug J. Arnold Witte headed up to the Yonkers sugar refinery, likely to help the large dry bulk barge Knot Refined get underway. Shortly after, the Ruby Coast came through with Knot Refined on the line, heading back to Florida a little over a week after the pair arrived. […]


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