Ciao Caio Duilio

The Italian navy destroyer Caio Duilio has been visiting New York City, tied up at Pier 88 after participating in NATO exercises in the North Atlantic. She departed Thursday morning, with some help from two Moran tugs.

Caio Duilio departing Pier 88 with help from Moran Towing

The bulker Aruna Berk passed by as the Duilio was getting underway, having discharged its cargo of gypsum in Buchanan last week (see Wind and Wallboard).

Aruna Berk heads to sea ahead of a soon-to-depart Italian destroyer

The super yacht Lunasea remains anchored off 79th Street. The Yacht has multiple tenders for retrieving passengers and supplies from on shore, including this open one tied up on the stern.

Lunasea and a tender

Buchanan12 was making its daily gravel delivery from the Clinton Point Tilcon quarry. I continue to be periodically amazed by both the seemingly endless supply of rock in that location and the insatiable demand for the product down here. Meanwhile, Coeymans Marine Towing’s Daisy Mae was bringing sand, a key cement ingredient probably mined in South Jersey, home to Coeymans. The Tugster blog had a good article on this trade several years ago:

Buchanan12 pushing gravel south
Daisy Mae heading north with sand
Evelyn Cutler was heading south with a light barge after a delivery at the Buckeye Terminal north of Newburgh
A Reinauer AT/B was also on its way out
Reinauer’s Matthew Tibetts, not one of their ATB tugs, brought an empty barge down from Peekskill on the hip
Quenames was coming the other direction with a heavy barge
An Army Chinook dual rotor chopper flew down from upstate, looped around the Statue and headed back up

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