Wind and Wallboard

The offshore service vessel HOS Browning anchored in the North River ahead of the Fourth of July weekend. The Browning is hosting a drilling rig, visible on the deck, and will be doing survey work for Atlantic Shores Offshore Wind for wind farms in the New York Bight. See the recent article in MarineLog for more.

Patrice McAllister was also anchored near 72nd Street with her barge made up on the hip, offering an unusual view of the barge’s unoccupied notch from shore Friday evening. Further upriver, Barry Silverton remains anchored with what appears to be a fully loaded barge, making this a rather unusual stay. Rhea Bouchard, the other Centerline Logistics tug which had been anchored on the river this week, appears to be back at work, heading for Braintree.

Patrice Mcalister with her barge on the hip

Late Thursday, a bulker came through heading for the wallboard plant in Buchanan, NY, the second cargo we have seen heading up there this summer. The bulker originated in Garrucha, Spain, a major gypsum export port, of course a key ingredient in wallboard. The Buchanan plant is, along with the Yonkers sugar refinery, one of two remaining receivers of bulk cargo in Westchester County. A couple of Moran tugs headed up ahead of the bulker to assist with docking.

Aruna Berk bringing a gypsum cargo to Buchanan
Kimberly Turecamo will help with docking in Buchanan

Wishing everyone a safe and happy Fourth of July weekend.

3 responses to “Wind and Wallboard”

  1. […] supply vessel HOS Browning has remained anchored off 72nd Street since Friday. As we discussed in Friday’s post, the vessel is involved in drilling for an offshore wind project in the New York […]


  2. […] The bulker Aruna Berk passed by as the Duilio was getting underway, having discharged its cargo of gypsum in Buchanan last week (see Wind and Wallboard). […]


  3. […] Berk passed us on July 1 heading for Buchanan with a load of gypsum from Spain (see Wind and Wallboard). She headed back to sea a week later on July 8, passing ahead of the departing Italian destroyer […]


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