Summer weekends

As we move into mid-summer, the days start to run together. Heat, interrupted by occasional storms, and winds from the southeast building as the heat builds up through the day making for excellent afternoon and evening sailing. River traffic continues as usual, and boaters, sailors, paddle boarders and even swimmers are out in force.

The Naval Academy’s yard patrol training boats returned for a third time this summer and tied up at Pier 86 for a weekend in New York
Mister Jim ran into a summer squall coming down from Coeymans with hopper barges on Saturday
A J80 sailboat passed the massive “Water’s Soul” sculpture in Jersey City Friday evening
A DonJon Marine tug pushed hopper barges past the Statue, Ellis Island, and the old Jersey Central Terminal Friday evening
Another DonJon tug moved light in the other direction
A Reinauer ATB headed north towards Albany
New Jersey State Police pitched in on river patrol duty
Buchanan12 approached the Bridge on its daily run from the quarry
Dann Marine pushed a loaded cement barge past the Cloisters
The Haggerty Girls ATB ended the weekend anchored off 96th Street
A group of kayakers and paddle boarders on Saturday
Kayakers and a paddle boarder pass the Dyckman Street Marina and the convent on top of the Palisades in Englewood Cliffs
A J24 ran wing-on-wing under the Bridge Sunday
Small boats and kayaks escort a long distance swimmer under the Bridge
A Navy E-2D advanced Hawkeye flew up from Oceana Air Station in Norfolk Virginia and made a loop up the Hudson
Marine Viper attack helicopters continued to run training flights up the river

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