Summer research

Another very pleasant day, with southerly winds building into afternoon and setting up some good sailing. Commercial traffic on the River seemed rather light after yesterday’s flood of hoppers and empty tanker ATBs, though by the end of the day there were a number of loaded tankers heading north. Kirby Corp’s tug Mako remains anchored off 72nd Street, now entering the realm of an extended stay as she has been there since Friday, though she did briefly visit the Upper Bay with her barge on Monday.

One interesting vessel that did pass by early was the research vessel Blue Sea. Blue Sea is apparently owned by the Marine Academy of Science and Technology, a magnet high school on Sandy Hook specializing in marine technology and science which sounds pretty great. The Blue Sea is based near the school, at the Sandy Hook Coast Guard station and is used for practical training. On this voyage though, the boat’s AIS signal says it went up to the North River Shipyard in Nayak, so perhaps the goal today was simply maintenance.

MAST High School’s Blue Sea heading for the North River Shipyard in Nayak
NY Waterway’s Englewood ferry passing the anchored Mako/Penn 81 ATB
DEP’s Red Hook sludge tanker heading for the North River treatment plant in the morning…
…followed by Rockaway in the afternoon. Red Hook is one of the older DEP tankers built in 2008 (not as old as the 1974 vintage North River). Rockaway is one of three newer boats built in 2014 and designed without the upswept oceangoing bow, consistent with these boats remaining in waters adjoining the harbor rather than dumping sludge at sea as in the old days.
CMT’s Helen, with her old Vane paint finally replaced, brought an empty hopper down to Newark from Coeymans backwards and on the hip
The Army Corp’s Gelberman, making smoke and about 11 knots with the flood, passing the bow of Mako’s Penn 81 barge
The Durham, a small tug working for Ken’s Marine Services of Bayonne, was bringing a hopper with some kind of gravel down from Haverstraw Bay, a similar route as taken by Brinn Courtney on Tuesday
Evelyn Cutler passing Hudson Yards with a barge loaded in Cataret
And passing Riverside Park South and Riverside Boulevard
Reinauer’s Hagerty Girls and Boston Marine’s Quenames with loaded barges heading north
A J80 sailboat tacks upwind
A great blue heron, somewhat unusual on the River, was standing on the pilings of the old NY Central 69th Street transfer bridge in the morning

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