Some less familiar faces

Tuesday brought beautiful conditions once again, with pleasant temperatures and steady 15 knot southwest winds making for great sailing. Commercial tanker traffic remained steady and a few boats less often seen on the River were observed.

This NYPD boat does not have the typical paint job and is in fact not part of the Harbor Patrol at all. CT3 is assigned to the Counter-Terrorism Bureau. Media reports indicate it is equipped with radiation detectors, sonar arrays, and other cool gadgets.
Fireboat Bravest, based in the Brooklyn Navy Yard and more commonly seen on the East River, was in our neck of the woods, testing its water canon near the still-anchored super yacht Moca.
Research Vessel Blue Sea, a training vessel of Monmouth County maritime magnet high school Marine Academy of Science and Technology, was on the River again, having visited last in July
Coast Guard cutter Line, one of two 65’ 1963 vintage small harbor tugs based in Bayonne, moved north up the River in late afternoon
Frigate HMS Richmond remained tied up on the south side of Pier 88
Dann Marine was brining the Knot Refined sugar barge, which made its maiden voyage here back in May, up to Domino in Yonkers
Reinauer Twins passed through with a light barge coming back from Newburgh
Vane Brothers’ Kings Point had what looked like a partially loaded barge heading north
Another Vane tug, Patuxent, came up the coast from Charleston with a light barge on the wire and headed up the River, presumably to anchor
Vinik 6, which seems to be becoming a North River regular, came down from Albany and muscled its light barge into the ebb to anchor off the Boat Basin
Kristin Poling brought a light barge up the River from New Haven to anchor further north near 96th Street
Buchanan12 was heading north, surrounded by its flock as usual
Sarah D passed Patuxent on one whistle at sunset coming down from Coeymans with what looked like a load of rock
Mary Alice was hading north with empty hoppers just before sunset
Evelyn Cutler passed the towers of Riverside Boulevard with a light barge coming down from Albany
Followed by the DEP’s Red Hook on is appointed sewage sludge rounds
Norwegian Getaway made an usual early afternoon getaway, passing Pier 66, but then turned around in the Upper Bay and headed back up river. Perhaps hurricane activity is disrupting her schedule.
Centerline’s Neptune left after bunkering Getaway earlier, with the cranes of Bayonne Port visible in the distance
Dredgers remained active in the cruise terminal
The Intrepid was getting a needed paint job

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