Is this November?

UPDATED ON NOVEMBER 6: The fireboat John McKean remains in Haverstraw, so it is unclear which fireboat is now tied up at Pier 25. To be investigated further.

Temperatures have remained surprisingly warm as we move into November, which may provide some welcome relief to stressed distillate markets. Mid-week North River traffic seemed light, though there was plenty of activity elsewhere in the harbor. Two small cruise ships arrived at the Manhattan terminal with sunrise, with the Silver Whisper docking at Pier 90 and the unusual Viking Ocean Explorer on the south side of Pier 88. The Whisper was on its way from Quebec City down to the Carribean and ultimately heading for Chile and New Zealand over the northern hemisphere winter. Ocean Explorer arrived from Newport but it is not clear where she is heading next.

Silver Whisper arrives at Pier 90
Vane Brothers’ Charles Hughes brought a refueling barge alongside
The smaller Ocean Explorer was refueled by a self-propelled bunkering tanker Rolf William
Over on the East River, a similar looking tanker was alongside the container ship AS Petra as it unloaded at Red Hook Terminal
Further up the East River, sand was being unloaded at the New York Sand and Stone dock in the Navy Yard
William F. Fallon exited the East River and headed for Bayonne
Followed by a Poling-Cutler tug and tanker barge

Back on the North River, the retired and privately owned fireboat John D. McKean appears to be tied up at Pier 25, though this is a bit of a stealth residence as the name does not appear on the bow and the McKean’s web site still says it is up in Haverstraw, where we saw her in April. It is possible this is a different boat. In any event, the McKean should not be confused with the more famous retired fireboat John J. Harvey which resides at Pier 66. An unidentified former fireboat is tied up at Pier 24, not be confused with the more famous retired fireboat John J. Harvey which resides at Pier 66.

A retired fireboat, presumably the John J. McKean, at Pier 25

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