Too much of a good thing?

Conditions began to move into the “a little too good” category on Saturday, with temperatures creeping up into the 70s. Recreational boaters lucky enough not to have taken their boats out for the winter yet were enjoying things, and the commercial crews were probably also content not to be freezing.

J24 sailboats got another weekend of sailing in, running up river against the ebb with a southerly wind
A powerboat owner makes the most of the weather
A short-sleeved paddle boarder with a kayak companion passed the Army Corp’s Hayward, with the towers of Journal Square and the Weehawken UBS building in the background
A closer look at the Hayward
CMT’s Mister Jim brought a load of large stones south from Coeymans, heading for Jersey City and then Staten Island
Buchanan12 was on its usual crushed dolomite delivery run
Stephen Reinauer, one of the older ATBs in the Reinauer fleet (though not as old as Dace) brought a cargo north, heading for Albany
Haugland Group’s Everly Mist brought a hopper down from the company’s Tomkins Cove port. This seems to be the same tug which was formerly known as Evening Mist.
Norwegian Joy made a Saturday afternoon departure, continuing runs to Bermuda through November before transiting to the West Cost in December
Inbound LaGuardia traffic was using the Hudson River approach Sunday

2 responses to “Too much of a good thing?”

  1. Hi Daniel—

    Always enjoy your posts. Do you know why the St. Emilion is tarrying so long?

    Thanks! Janet

    Sent from my iPhone



    1. Thanks Janet. I don’t know the answer. I do know Saint Emilion was until recently hauled out in a boatyard for work, so perhaps there are still some work that needs to be done before they put her back to work. But that is just a guess.


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