Shipping boats

The extraordinarily warm January continued Friday, with temperatures in the 50s and rain falling periodically. Traffic was typical with the exception of a Dutch registered cargo ship heading for Albany from Genoa with a deck cargo comprised of luxury yachts. These will presumably be transferred to trucks in Albany, brought to dealers and many will likely find their way back down the River to New York and beyond this summer. UPDATE: The yachts were not unloaded in Albany at all; instead, the large tank on the deck was delivered to Plug Power there. The yachts remained on board and seem to be on their was to West Palm Beach, the vessels next destination. See Bulk Sunday for more.

Dutch registered Dijksgracht heads for Albany with new yachts arrayed on her deck
Morning saw Reinauer’s Kristy Ann and Josephine anchored south of the Bridge
By the morning slack tide, Josephine had relocated down to the Upper Bay after several days in the North River, but Kristy Ann remained
We have seen this unmarked fast utility boat before on the river. Today it was heading south, overtaking the Edgewater Ferry
The Army Corps of Engineers has been very active on the River this year. The crew boat Hocking made a run up to the Bridge and back Friday.
Elk River headed for Red Hook after completing a delivery to the Bottini terminal in New Hamburg.
Saint Emilion was returning light from Caddell Dry Dock in Staten Island to Yonkers, where they may have left a barge. Copper Mountain has been anchored there in recent days as well, and Saint Emilion and Copper Mountain have appeared to be trading places on a barge periodically in recent weeks based on a number of previous observations.
A mid-sized keelboat took advantage of the warm weather to get out on the water.
Kimberly Poling pushed a cargo north as the sun went down in a fiery blaze beyond Jersey City

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