Bulk Sunday

Temperatures barely broke 40 on Sunday, and with a stiff wind blowing from the north, it felt much colder on the River. Commercial traffic was heavy, with three large foreign flagged ships moving through. A pair of 600’ long bulkers came through, heading for Albany. One was arriving from Northern Europe and the other from Ivory Coast, with little to go on in terms of what cargo they might be carrying.

The 500’ long cargo ship Dijksgracht came through, returning from Albany after passing us on the way up Thursday. The yachts lashed to her deck which were observed as she passed heading north, remained in place, so they were not, in fact, delivered in Albany. What was unloaded was the large tank that had been visible forward of the yachts. According to a Facebook post from the Dagen Trucking Company, the tank was delivered to Plug Power, a hydrogen cell manufacturer which is setting up a plant near Albany and has been receiving a lot large deliveries by ship. As for the yachts, the Dijskgracht is signaling West Palm Beach as its next port of call, so this is the likely destination for them. Looking at historical port calls, it seems likely the tank was loaded in Turkey, consistent with the lettering on the tank, and the yachts were added in Genoa.

The 600’ bulker Felicia K overtakes the Corp of Engineer’s Hayward en route to Albany from Northern Europe
Followed by the Bunun Wisdom, arriving from Ivory Coast
Cargo ship Dijksgracht with a deck load of yachts en route to West Palm Beach after delivering a large tank from Turkey to Plug Power in Albany
The 1968 vintage Dace, oldest in the Reinauer fleet, spent Sunday anchored off 90th Street after returning from Albany.
Dace was joined by a large Kirby ATB Cape Hatteras which we have not seen before on the River. Hatteras has been working Connecticut ports in recent weeks and was returning most recently from Providence, RI
Evelyn Cutler had the barge Noelle Cutler heading for the Bayonne IMTT after laying up north of the Bridge overnight.
The Beatrice came through with a cargo heading north, the first time we have seen her since late November.
DonJon’s Thomas D Witte brought a load of scrap down from Albany, heading for Newark, perhaps to transfer the metal to a bulker for overseas shipment
A Coast Guard Dolphin MH-65 helicopter cruised up the River. These smaller Coast Guard choppers patrol the New York Bight from their Atlantic City base. The larger and longer-range MH-60 Jayhawks patrol from Cape Cod and are less frequently seen over the River.

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