Air and Sea

Skies cleared on Tuesday and temperatures dropped into the 30s, with a brisk 15knot wind blowing out of the west. Some interesting traffic passed on the River, but an occasional glance upward was also rewarding. Vessel traffic included a 650 foot bulker headed to Coeymans from Chile and likely carrying road salt, as well as a 530 foot tanker coming from the North Sea and likely carrying oil product refined in Northern Europe. Up above, a pair of F/A-18s flew up the River to West Point and back at about 2,500 feet, while a trio of NYPD helicopters flew in formation up to and Orange County, NY for unknown purposes.

The tanker R/F Marina was Albany-bound with a likely oil products cargo refined in Northern Europe
The bulk ship Tai Shine was heading to Coeymans, likely carrying road salt from Chile
CMT’s Minter Jim was also Coeymans bound, pushing deck barges and hoppers
CMT colleagues on the larger Mackenzie Rose were coming the other way, pushing hoppers from Coeymans down to the Harbor
Stasinos tug Charles James is usually seen pushing construction barges or stone hoppers, but Tuesday saw them pushing a tanker barge north. The barge itself belongs to Boston Marine and would normally be seen with one of their two tugs, Quenames or Pinuccia. Pinuccia spent Tuesday tied up at an unused dock in Port Reading, and comparing movements, it seems Charles James picked up the barge there, stopped at the Bayonne IMTT for cargo and headed north.
DonJon’s Thomas D Witte serviced the DSNY’s Pier 99 and muscled a loaded recycling barge into the current.
Up above, a pair of F/A-18s flew up to West Point and back at 2500 feet
An Army Blackhawk also flew north
And a Coast Guard Dolphin flew south
A handsome red-breasted merganser, not often seen on the River, fished for a late breakfast in the morning.
The afternoon tide was extra-low, perhaps in part due to the west wind, exposing more of the old New York Central piers than usual and producing a sulfury odor.

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  2. […] came back from Newburgh’s Global Terminal with a light barge. This barge, New York 30, was last seen last week being brought to Newburgh and back by Stasinos’s Charles James while Pinuccia sat at a disused pier in Port Reading, but […]


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