Tanker traffic

Wednesday brought precipitation and even some snow flurries, but we remain without significant accumulation of snow this winter, rapidly closing in on a record. Winds remained brisk, and gale warnings went into effect for the Harbor Wednesday afternoon. Deteriorating conditions saw Norwegian Gem postpone her scheduled 4pm departure from Pier 88 until 3am Thursday, according to Cruisehive. Tanker traffic was heavy on the River for the first time in a while.

Dann’s uniquely designed Discovery Coast kicked things off, coming through in the morning with a tanker barge loaded at Buckeye Port Reading. Discovery is only occasionally seen pushing tank barges on the River.
Another Dann tug, Calusa Coast came through at the other end of the day, pushing north with a cargo from Bayway. Calusa arrived from Chesapeake Bay late last year and has been seen working River runs periodically since them.
Kristin Poling returned from New Haven with an empty barge, killed some time on the River, and then headed for Carteret for new cargo
Balco’s small tug Navigator had a small loaded barge heading to Albany from Carteret
Stasinos’s Charles James brought back an empty tank barge on the hip from Newburgh. As noted Tuesday, we more often see Stasinos tugs pushing construction equipment or stone, but Charles seemed to be filling in for Pinuccia of Boston Marine for unknown reasons.
Reinauer’s Josephine brought a light barge back from New Haven and parked off 72nd Street
Jordan Rose’s barge was also light. They proceeded up to Yonkers to anchor
Curtis Reinauer had a loaded barge heading north for Albany
Janice Ann Reinauer also had a cargo and was heading north to Newburgh
Hopper activity was much less in evidence Wednesday, but Everly Mist did come through heading for Tomkins Cove
New Jersey State Police were patrolling the length of the River with their launch based in Jersey City’s Liberty Marina
A kayaker and paddle boarder got some morning time in on the River before conditions deteriorated

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